Chad Ramsey
Director Commercial Technology

Company: Cardinal Health

Chad is an accomplished technology executive with a wealth of experience in the field, dedicating the last 15 years of his career to Cardinal Health. During this time, he has emerged as a trusted leader in Commercial Technologies at Fuse, demonstrating his expertise in the industry.

Throughout his career, Chad has demonstrated his ability to establish and manage exceptional engineering teams in various sectors of the healthcare landscape. His leadership has been instrumental in Retail Pharmacy, Acute Care, Specialty Physician Office, and Community Oncology, where he has successfully tackled the unique challenges inherent in the healthcare domain.

Navigating the complexities of the healthcare space has required Chad to excel in addressing critical concerns such as HIPAA regulation and security compliance. He has consistently prioritized ensuring data privacy and security, applying his extensive knowledge to develop robust solutions in accordance with industry regulations.

In his most recent role, Chad has taken on the responsibility of spearheading an enterprise-wide initiative to achieve HITRUST CSF certification. By meticulously crafting a fully HITRUST compliant infrastructure environment, he has positioned the organization to extend this high level of security and compliance across all facets of the business. Chad’s vision and dedication are driving the company towards a comprehensive and industry-leading security posture.